Polyfoam & Air Bubble Sheet
SGS ISO System Certification - Standard

Air Bubble Sheet Roll

What is Besindo’s Air Bubble Sheet Roll?

Besindo's Air Bubble Sheet Roll or also known as Bubble Wrap is a sheet of plastic with bubbles of air evenly spaced across the surface. It is most commonly used as packaging materials. Having protruding air-filled bubbles, it provides perfect cushioning for fragile items. Keeping all the items safe from knocks, bumps, and shocks, so that they get to their destinations intact and undamaged.

Characteristics of Besindo’s Air Bubble Sheet Roll

Lightweight & easy-to-use

Durably elastic & strong

Moisture & water resistant

Ease of use and handling with day-to-day hand tools

Good insulation properties


Anti-static option is available

Very cost-effective

Reusable and recyclable

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