Polyfoam & Air Bubble Sheet
SGS ISO System Certification - Standard

Industry Application

Besindo's Polyfoam and Air Bubble Sheet are everywhere. We are here to support and protect the movement of goods.

Usage & Application of Besindo’s Polyfoam and Air Bubble Sheet.

Protective Packaging

  • Electronic goods, home appliances e.g. Television, Home Audio, Water Pump, Washing Machine, Music Instruments, etc.
  • Anti-static Sheets for Electronic Integrated Circuit Boards, and Precision Equipment
  • Ceramicware, glassware, tiles, crystal, etc.
  • Office Equipment and Laboratory Instruments
  • Furniture and Furnishings

Building & Construction

  • Under-Layer Material for Carpets and Flooring Tiles.
  • Heat Insulation for Roofing Purposes.
  • Sound Insulation for Walls, Sound Rooms and Other Civil Work.
  • Waterproofing in Other Civil and Construction Applications

Consumer Goods & Products

  • Structural padding for backpacks, utility bags, and other sport bags.
  • Footwear support sole
  • Floor mats for yoga, judo, wrestling, gymnastics and other sports.
  • Food packaging
  • Padding for Life Jackets and Other Floatation Devices.

Automotive and General Industry

  • Sun-visors, Head rest and Trunk Mats of Automobiles
  • Anti-rust Sheets for Automotive Parts
  • Flotation Material for Vessels
  • Protection Bags for Automotive Equipment
  • Cushioning Material for Seats, Bags, and others.
  • Sound Insulation

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